Champion Powder Coating



    Here at Champion Powder Coating our mission is to provide high quality coatings at competitive prices to the greater Sacramento area.  We pride ourselves on customer service and prompt turnaround times.

    We are a full service powder coating shop with in house media blasting, stripping, masking, Cerakote ceramic paint and screen printing.  Our coating booths and oven are 8x8x20 and our media blasting booths are 20/30 feet.  We stock many different colors,textures, and sheen's from all the major powder supplies. 


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What is powder coating? 

  Powder coating is a dry finishing process that has become very popular due to the durable and high quality finish it produces.  The advantages over traditional paint range from being extremely better for the environment, to being much more durable and reduces the chances of chipping, scratching, corrosion and fading.  

  Powder coating is applied with a process called electrostatic spray deposition, using a spray gun which applies a charge to the powder, which is then attracted to the grounded part.  Once the part is fully coated, it is moved into our oven and baked at 400 degrees.  Once the piece is fully cool, it is ready to go!


What is Sandblasting?

  Sandblasting is a term used for propelling small bits of material at a substrate, usually to clean the surface in order to prep for painting or powder, it also etches the substrate allowing the coating to stick easier.  Although sand is in the name, other materials are now used in its place, including steel grit, walnut shells, glass, and coconut shells.  Sandblasting is most commonly used on metal, but can also be used on glass and wood.


What is Industrial screen printing?

  We work to be the only stop you need to make after your product is manufactured and ready to be coated.  After a piece has been powder coated we use our epoxy based inks to make your product come alive.  From circuit boards to housing for computers and LED systems, screen printing can give you the custom look your brand needs to stand out.  Metal is the most common substrate, glass and wood are also very popular products that can get a custom look and feel from screen printing.