Industrial Painting


  Often parts need protection and color, but cannot have the mil thickness that powder provides, our painting services come into play!  Industrial painting is one of our many services for the manufacturing world.  We specialize in the needs of manufacturers and their precisely made parts.  Whatever your customers require, we have the experience to deliver the quality and results your customers expect.

  We work with any paints your job requires including epoxy paints, ceramic paints, high temperature, Acrylic coatings, rust encapsulation paints.  With over 30 years of experience working with all kinds of paints in every situation we are prepared to tackle your job or problem with the knowledge required to get it done right the first time and make it last for years.


  Recently another type of paint has become increasingly popular for many different applications, ceramic paint coatings.  If we are using ceramic coatings we like to use Cerakote, it is a polymer-ceramic composite coating that can be applied to metals, polymers wood.  It is a paint that goes on very thin, while also being corrosion and chemical resistant and having impact strength.  The color options are a bit more limited than traditional paints, but its strength and utility more than make up for the limited options.  It has become extremely popular for outdoor applications, combined with their extremely durable clear coat paint, your outdoor equipment will last and hold up in any situation.  With over 100 colors between oven cured and air cured there are tons of options for whatever your looking to customize.

  The process of applying ceramic paints is very similar to the way paint is applied.  Depending on what type of paint your using the process varies, most of the paints start with the color you chose, after adding a hardener and mixing the paint its ready to go.  After the piece is sprayed, it is ready for the oven to be cured.  If the object cannot be put into an oven air cured paints are an option, the colors are more limited but the option to paint wood is always cool!