Introducing Cerakote Elite

We’ve taken the industry leading performance of Cerakote H-Series to the next level and improved hardness, abrasion resistance and lubricity, all in a thinner application.

  Earlier this month, NIC Industries has released a new line of their world class thin ceramic coating.  What excites me the most about this new line of paint is the idea of a stronger version of their H line paints.  Certain Colors in that line need some help in the durability department, I am looking at you O.D. green.  

  The color color options are a bit limited at this point, Midnight, Smoke, Concrete, Jungle, Sand and Earth.  What excites me about this new paint is their branching from just guns, and they seem to be focusing on a myriad of other items including sunglasses, knives, wearables, robotics, salt water applications.  Shifting in this new directing is going to open a lot of exciting new doors and opportunities in the Cerakote world.

  All in all we are excited to give this new paint a try and see how it holds up to scratches, mostly on non gun parts.  I am more interested in every day wear and tear so I am hoping this new paint will give my clients some new color options.  We have samples of the paint on the way right now, I will give an update and some pictures once we get the paint and are able to play around with it.