Powder Coating


What is powder coating?

Powder coating is a dry finish product that has become increasingly popular for many different reasons.  It is a high quality finish that looks great, is better for the environment and cheaper than paint. Powder provides an almost endless option for colors and styles, while also protecting your product from the elements.

Eco-friendly solution.

In the age of trying to protect our environment and continue going green, powder is the go to choice for metal finishes.  Powder contains no solvents, unlike paint, so the VOC pollution is almost non existent. Along with no solvents, unused powder and overspray can be recycled and returned for re circulation.



  Combined with sand blasting, a process to clean the metal get prepare it for powder.  It is possible to transform several types of substrates, including galvanized metals and aluminum, into beautiful pieces of metal that are able to withstand harsh environments.  New and exciting types of powder are constantly being released and used for different types of situations.  Everything from non slip powders to powders that color match anodizing we have everything your job or customer needs in order to get the job done right the first time and looking great.